Sabado, Disyembre 21, 2013

Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians

Jack frost :)

~ was watching Rise of the Guardian yesterday, decided to make some fan art  haha

Sabado, Agosto 3, 2013

Leave it all in God's hands

I've wished so hard for something that I wanted to happen. But i think it was when i said "whatever you want for me, Jesus", that God said "alright, let me handle this." :)

All in God's time and hands <3

Miyerkules, Hulyo 31, 2013

Callidoodraphy :D

Not sure if i made a doodle or a calligraphy so i merged the two together instead. Callidoodraphy!

The last one is quoted from Trembling Hands by Temper Trap. Will try and do a more sophisticated style next time, hands were shaking earlier from drinking coffee O_o (my first cup in weeks, left me shaking like a leaf! Huhu so sad coffee aint good for me :( )

Anyways, day two done!:)

P.S. sorry for the blurry pics. Will scan the next posts, promise!

Martes, Hulyo 30, 2013

More sketchbook doodles :)

Doodle in my moleskine :] left one i did a few days ago; super itchy throat making me very irritated, so i made an artwork about it haha. Silver lining in exchange of not being able to kiss the boyfriend hahahahaha ANYWAAAAYS...

Right side was my first doodle using brush pen :) trying a new medium hihi :) might try and make it into an everyday thing :) fingers crossed! Para sapilitang maghahanap ng inspirasyon at motivation araw araw haha :p


Quick doodle earlier today. I just feel so indifferent with everything lately. The translation in english is "afloat" but it doesnt sound accurate to what im really feeling. Ang lutang ng feeling... I just feel like im not really here, you know? I feel so indifferent, like my body's working but my mind is somewhere else... The feeling you get when you spend hours in the pool and then afterwards when you try and sleep you feel like you're still underwater.

I dunno if im just tired? But i just came back from a really fun weekend with family and friends, so maybe the normalcy of everyday is kinda getting to me a bit? Maybe? Kulang sa excitement? Haha i dont really know. Anyways, just wanted to let it out, and to post in this here blog eh?;)

Hope to continue he everyday doodle thing kahit small ones lang. Pampa-happy :)

Biyernes, Hunyo 21, 2013