Biyernes, Disyembre 14, 2012

another one, using colored pencils :)

Medium: Faber Castell colored pencils and 0.2 Artline tech pen on rough sketchpad

tried coloring using colorpencil again :)

Medium: Faber Castell colored pencils and 0.2 Artline tech pen on rough sketchpad

Lunes, Disyembre 10, 2012

drew this on the bus (Yes, it was moving so bear with me on the lines please). The red ones i got inspired by a xmas billboard along EDSA, supposed to create a fancy ad inspired with this, didnt get to do one though :( maybe on xmas break hehe..;) The black sketch on the side, Its coz I bought a new skirt and shades haha :P was thinking how i was gonna wear it :P

I actually did these on two separate dates, but since they're kind of the same, Ill just put 'em together :)

Medium: red gel pen and black 0.2 Artline tech pen on Derwent sketchpad

Sabado, Nobyembre 17, 2012

So I painted this one one time I saw an interesting picture from a friend in Instagram :) I knew I kinda got the resemblance when this certain friend saw this painting and said "This looks very very familiar" haha :P

Medium: acrylic paint on Derwent sketchpad

Biyernes, Nobyembre 9, 2012

Saw this kid on 9gag and decided to use him as practice :) I finished early at work and decided to do a quick sketch :) haha.. Ta-daah!:D

medium: 2B mechanical pencil on a Derwent sketchpad

Lunes, Nobyembre 5, 2012

Political Dynasties in Democratic Countries

This is a project I did for work about Political Dynasties in Democratic Countries in comparison to the Philippines. Really proud about this because, graphics, animation and sound effects are all made by me.:)

Rappler did an article about it as well so that was really overwhelming :P Hope you guys like it, and don't forget to keep yourselves informed before voting on May!


Biyernes, Oktubre 5, 2012

He loves me so much ;)

haha. so this happened yesterday when my boyfriend gave me a ride home after a date :p see, he loves me so willingly, doesn't he?;) ahaha :P

*sorry for those who can't understand Filipino.:P

Linggo, Agosto 26, 2012

sketched this up while mom and dad were jogging :) They asked me if I wanted to come and jog with them, I told them I'll draw instead:D hahaha.:P the scanner kind or ruined the middlepart though:( oh well :]

hope somebody will organize a sketch walk again haha ;) *wink-wink*

medium: gel pen and Faber- Castell color pencils on derwent notepad :)

Biyernes, Agosto 24, 2012

Sketched this the whole week while working. Break from all the vid edit and gfx :P I miss drawiiinnggg...

Medium: Gel ink pens on sketch pad

*lagging behind on this sorry -___-

Miyerkules, Hulyo 25, 2012

Doodled this randomly in my notebook and decided to color it digitally.:)

sketched with 0.5 mech pencil
colored digitally with Adobe Photoshop

Linggo, Hulyo 22, 2012

Ticket design I did for our fundraising for Genfest :D

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Huwebes, Hulyo 19, 2012

Maroon 5 T-shirt design :P Not sure if I'm allowed to post it eh.. Kaya closeups nalang :P

Medium: Adobe Illustrator

Miyerkules, Hulyo 18, 2012

Edited our wakeboarding videos when our relatives from abroad came to visit.:) Hope you guys like it!:D

Medium: Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro

Lunes, Hulyo 16, 2012

Sketched this while waiting for render.:P Had two persons as inspiration haha :P Hope this is good enough to be number one :P

Medium: 0..5 mech pen and blank notebook


So yeah, last Monday I decided to start a 100 day project. Or maybe I should call it the 100 artworks project.:P Because I know I wont be able to make one per day :[ busy sched. ANYWAAAYSS...

So there, I got depressed last Monday, you know, you just lose confidence in yourself sometimes as an artist. I moped around a bit, and then decided to better myself rather than do nothing. So there!:)


1.One artwork per day. If able to make more than one, just pick the best one :)

2. Can skip for:
     a. Making bigger projects that take longer hours.
     b. Work/ Schedule-related hindrances. TINATAMAD is not an excuse.

3.Any form of media.:) Video, photo, sketch, digital or trad. Make use of MMA skills :D

I just wanted to set rules for myself so that I could stick to this better.:) Hopefully I finish the 100 artworks :D hehehe.. Started doing it this week already, can only post on weekends though haha sorry :P

So here it is! Hope you guys will like iitt.:) Comments and critics are very much welcome!:D

Huwebes, Hulyo 12, 2012

YES. I KNOW. FORGIVE ME. I know the collage I made sucks, was too tired to edit.I just wanted to post them na eh. haha :P okay, promise pag sinipag I'll do a better one :P

well, ANYWAYS, these are just some past sketches I did at work. Missed drawing na kase:P ahaha. Most are longboard themed. haha! Influenced by the boyfie.:P Many are just cartoon sketches.One was inspired by "Brave". :D did a realistic one, on the upper right corner (and the jug of water haha :D just saying) Can you guess who she is?:P sanaaaa! hehhee. Anyways, the bandana guy i will improve pa, will pass as a shirt design :P

Well, hope you guys like it :"> hihi.Thanks!:D

Sabado, Abril 14, 2012

Lunes, Marso 26, 2012

     So we did this project for Danica Wu's christian church project thing (actually I didnt know what it's for exactly, I just heard it involved drawing so I decided to help.:P haha). Danica was supposed to finish an animation for 3 short stories about the history of the church by tuesday (The script was given Monday O_o) and being the good friend that I am *ahem-ahem* I volunteered to help.:D besides, good portfolio addition.;) haha..:P 

    Aaaactually, they were only asking for stickmans which you drew on a cartolina and move one by one ala stop motion, but I got carried away with the first box and made it a little bit more grandoise than expected.:)) haha. so there, in short, pinahirapan ko ang buhay namin ni wu.:)) (I made our lives harder) haha!

Well, in the end the deadline was moved to Friday and we were able to finish it by Wednesday afternoon, trained in the Toonbro Animation Studio as we are.;) *wink-wink* haha.;) So here are the illustrations I made. hope you guys like it..:)

Martes, Marso 13, 2012

quick drawings!:) The fairy i painted in 20 minutes exactly, timed it pa. haha! but forgot to time the panda, but I think its more or less the same though.:P hahahaha. enjoy!:D

oops! forgot to add, tried the speech bubble style thing that i learned from a friend (who i share the same name with :D) Inna, but she's more known as Eru.:D Will share a link of her blog if she gives me.;) haha! Thanks Eru!;)

Sabado, Marso 10, 2012

practicing values.:) only used green, white and black for this... and a weee bit of yellow ochre haha. coz i cant get it to lighten up soorryy... i know its kind of dirty, forgive me. still practicing..:P

Martes, Marso 6, 2012

and because im really getting butterflies because of the interview tom, drew myself somebody in a bikini.:D haha! waaahh.. Wish it was june so we could go to Boracay alreaddyyyyy...

Linggo, Marso 4, 2012

So Neal gave me his waterbrush pen (not sure what its really called haha.:P) coz he doesn't use it anymore, and I tried it out a few days ago. It was sooo fun to use! haha.;) and its easier coz you don't have to keep on dipping the brush with water, you just fill it up with water in the holder and voila! You're ready to paint.;)

I made a few artworks, as practice lang. I think it looked fine, don't you?:D haha.

I also made a doodle and colored it in. Wasn't too happy with it though. Oh well...;)

Watch out im gonna make a better one!;) hahaha.

Sabado, Marso 3, 2012

Sabado, Pebrero 18, 2012

Hey! My first blog post. Hurrah! Weeell, I've been starting blogs before, like on tumblr and a while on wordpress but didn't get to update it a lot coz of schoolwork. Now that I graduated, I have lotsa time to rub my artworks into people's faces. Mwahahahaha! Kidding.:P

Anyways, this was my first artwork using my pentab.:D I'm so proud to say I survived 4 years of artistic college courses without using one haha!;) Proves how its all in the artist and not in the instruments.:P so that's it! hope you guys enjoy browsing!;)

Huwebes, Pebrero 16, 2012

We had lunch at Vinson's Place along Vito Cruz St. (we call it the White building. Guess why.) and it started to rain pretty hard, the streets were already flooded after a few minutes. Me and my workmates weren't ready for it and didnt have any jacket or umbrella with us, we were five then. A certain sweet somebody walked the flood just to bring us umbrellas so that we could walk back to school.:) He even offered to carry me but I was too shy so I didnt allow him to.:P It would have been great though, haha.:P But im really shyyyy..:"> aww so sweet.<3

Linggo, Enero 15, 2012

I have this friend, Neal (you can check out his own blog here), who keeps on leaving his facebook account open on our office's computers. Every time we find it open, we leave him embarassing stats, tag his friends, and eventually we changed his birthday... thrice! (He had this friend who greeted him twice haha! so funny, and one who even delivered a gift to his home! So embarrassing, but serves him right for forgetting to logout when we CONSTANTLY remind him to.:P)

So anywaaays, did this for him one time as a "birthday" gift, coz he's such a playboy and loves girls so much. haha! But he's really nice, he just LOOOOVES all the girls. hahaha!;)