Lunes, Marso 26, 2012

     So we did this project for Danica Wu's christian church project thing (actually I didnt know what it's for exactly, I just heard it involved drawing so I decided to help.:P haha). Danica was supposed to finish an animation for 3 short stories about the history of the church by tuesday (The script was given Monday O_o) and being the good friend that I am *ahem-ahem* I volunteered to help.:D besides, good portfolio addition.;) haha..:P 

    Aaaactually, they were only asking for stickmans which you drew on a cartolina and move one by one ala stop motion, but I got carried away with the first box and made it a little bit more grandoise than expected.:)) haha. so there, in short, pinahirapan ko ang buhay namin ni wu.:)) (I made our lives harder) haha!

Well, in the end the deadline was moved to Friday and we were able to finish it by Wednesday afternoon, trained in the Toonbro Animation Studio as we are.;) *wink-wink* haha.;) So here are the illustrations I made. hope you guys like it..:)

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