Lunes, Hulyo 16, 2012


So yeah, last Monday I decided to start a 100 day project. Or maybe I should call it the 100 artworks project.:P Because I know I wont be able to make one per day :[ busy sched. ANYWAAAYSS...

So there, I got depressed last Monday, you know, you just lose confidence in yourself sometimes as an artist. I moped around a bit, and then decided to better myself rather than do nothing. So there!:)


1.One artwork per day. If able to make more than one, just pick the best one :)

2. Can skip for:
     a. Making bigger projects that take longer hours.
     b. Work/ Schedule-related hindrances. TINATAMAD is not an excuse.

3.Any form of media.:) Video, photo, sketch, digital or trad. Make use of MMA skills :D

I just wanted to set rules for myself so that I could stick to this better.:) Hopefully I finish the 100 artworks :D hehehe.. Started doing it this week already, can only post on weekends though haha sorry :P

So here it is! Hope you guys will like iitt.:) Comments and critics are very much welcome!:D

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